what programs r out there?

what programs from what shows do you have?

This is an updtaed version of my programs...

UFC 39 Signed by ortiz

UFC 40 signed by like 20 fighters...(2)

UFC :Showdown in the Meadowlands

UFC 41

UFC 43

UFC 42

UFC when worlds collide

UFC HIghVoltage

ROTR 4: Bj Penn vs Gomi

IFC: Night of the Warriors

Warriors Challenge 4

MFC Usa vs Russia (2)

UCC 12 (2)

UCC 10

TKO Ultimate Rush (spratt vs St.Pierre)

TKO 15 (Horn vs Crow)

Hook-n-shoot revolution

Pride Middle Wieght Grand Prix OPening round

MMA-X-1 (Japan)

My favorite subject! Got a ton of them.

I UFC & 1 WEC :-(

got a adcc 2003 program

has anyone ever seen a ufc japan program? what about a ufc brazil program? pride i through 5 programs?

i got the pride gp program

I got a Too hot to handle(Yvel vs Schreiber 3) and Superleague(muay thai) program. Also It's Showtime (Vovchanchin vs Schreiber) promotional magazine. I have doubles if anyone wants to trade.

Walkon email me ariasg@clam.rutgers.edu

I have a Pride 1,4 and 5 program and a Japan Open 95 program and very soon a Japan Open 94

ricksongjj-- email me.