what r your thoughts (mma)

ok, what is your opinion on this? the rule is if your mouthpiece comesout in a fight(mma) the piece will be put back in and the fight resumed where it was at.

now with that said, your on the ground, on bottom in guard position, and your opponent is teeing off, he gets winded punching you and spits his mouthpiece out, referee jumps in stops fight, recovers piece, washes it off gives it back to the fighter and the fight resumes back in guard position and the top fighter pounds his way to victory after having recharged do to spitting his mouth guard out.

do you think that was fair? i dont, i think if you intentionally spit it out because you were tired, then the fight should be restarted in the standing position, not where you left off. so if thats the case everytime i need a break while i am pounding my oppenent, i will just spit my guard out to get a 30 sec. rest and go back to pounding him where we were at.

geeeezzz!! maybe if i get caught in a submission i can just spit it out then, and when they say go i ll be recharged and ready to escape.

generally they wont put it back in until, there's a break in the action or in a neutral position from what i've seen.

usually from what i ve seen yes, that is normally what they do, but in this case it didn t happen, and i wasnt impressed,