What river should I go to tonight?

Hoping to find a nice river to float on this evening while enjoying some hot creole crawfish paired with Mac n cheese. What estuaries are flowing well these days?

The river Styx is flowing


Tennessee River has a river boat trapped on a sandbar somewhere. It’s not quite estuarine, but they say gators are making it up that far north these days.

Noteworthy for a float. You using an inflatable raft?

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I’m really looking for a waterway nearer to Nevada…

The Salmon.

Looking for the Diamond dam on mystic river…

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The Whisky River!


I’ve heard that the river of WFA has what you seek.

Yes but why draw the ire of coxswains over there for skirting maritime law?

River of love

-Lynch Mob

Colorado river perhaps?

Styx or Whiskey…it’s a toss up.

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You guys need to learn to code…

Comal or Guadalupe in Texas.

Cossatot, Mulberry, White, Buffalo in Arkansas.