What’s INXS’s place in music history?

Duran Duran were huge alright. Their jump into the video associations for their songs was groundbreaking.

Never liked their 80s stuff but Come Undone and Ordinary World are mega.

They were pioneers in the video onslaught.

And dreamy.

No I’m not - are you chipping in again on aspects of 90s U.K. culture that you are oblivious to?

If you don’t know what Britpop was in terms of a cultural movement in the U.K. - it was the cultural movement of the U.K. in the 90s - it was more than just the music it was about fashion, art, etc

And It certainly it wasn’t special to me - I was still listening to Iron Maiden and Metallica back then.

I also wasn’t saying they weren’t trying to make ‘radio unfriendly ‘ music - I should have clarified ‘they weren’t trying to make music for the international market’ (at first). It was very much about emphasising the U.K. scene.

You should really read up about it before piping in on something you aren’t up to speed on…

REM didn’t have stadiums in mind & weren’t even remotely trying to be generic radio pop. U2 was doing protest rock & wasn’t looking to do what the Eagles did. Britpop is 0% different in that regard & you’re only revealing your own obvious biases is this super weird argument that has nothing to do with the points I’d initially set out to make that set you off for whatever reasons.

INXS was initially competing with Midnight Oil, Men at Work, Icehouse, the Divinyls, etc. with no expectations of being the next ACDC or BeeGees.

Meanwhile, Butch Vig FOR SURE was going after American $$$$ right from the jump with Garbage. You’ve got a bug up your butt over something that has nothing to do with what I was talking about.

Hutchhence left this world doing what he loved.

What on earth are you on about?

I was just pointing out that INXS/U2/REM which are part of a group of generic 80s rock bands that all came on the scene in the early 80s - are a separate genre entirely to Britpop bands like Oasis which was at the forefront of a very defined music/culture scene in early 90s Britain.