What’s so Hard About the Marines?

I would have paid for that privilege.

One time I had something similar was on KP.
I got put on pots&pans, which is just a long miserable day.
But the bonus was getting to sit and eat good after everyone left – and the kitchen workers were nice and hooked us up with good portions.

One time that really sucked (not KP)…

Sometimes on Fridays they would have Surf & Turf (steak & shrimp).
We had never gotten it, or had always been given whatever the other thing was (there was no choosing).
Well one Friday they gave us the Surf & Turf.
We had to stand there basically at attention, holding our trays until the last guy lined up and the DS said go.
So we’re all standing there with this glorious Surf & Turf in front of us, smelling it, looking forward to it…

Somebody fucked up in line.

I don’t remember what it was, but it could have been something as seemingly harmless as whispering, and we’d be fucked.
So the DS makes his quick speech about how they were going to treat us with this meal – but one asshole just had to “embarrass them”…


Thing is, there is a large cup of water and a large cup of Powerade that MUST be finished before you get up no matter what.
10 seconds is about enough time to get a mouthful then uncomfortably chug the 2 cups of liquid. Chugging while walking to drop of your tray was pretty much a no-go (although someone was always trying it.

So not only did we NOT get to enjoy the Surf & Turf – when we got outside they smoked us until a couple guys puked.

Good times.

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“In general”

Sure, there might be something to that.

A Marine generally has a tougher Boot Camp than regular Army or whatever else.
Partly because “every Marine is a Rifleman”.

But volunteering for a combat role is different.
Infantry training in the Army is (or was) a completely different animal than the Basic Training for regular support MOS.

Not Infantry.

Although things are changing…

And LOL at “light CrossFit workout”.

A severe smoke session was called getting “scuffed up” for a reason.

I did some of that P90X when it was popular years ago…and it didn’t remotely compete.

Yeah, chow time was the most difficult part of boot camp i’d say.

I would love to go to Boot Camp. Not to be a marine. But just to get yelled at and smoked. I’m sure I would shut the fuck up after a week.



Shut your felatio hole, I’d rather hear from real marines…


Your probably super old and think the military is like when you were young. Now its a bunch of fat mexican women looking to get their kids taken care of. They do not protect or serve me.

parks and recreation wtf GIF by HULU

Yes they do, they protect the rights of all transgenders!


Some of the toughest guys are quiet
My grandfather in law never talked about the war or military life. But I heard he saw some bad things. But didn’t want to make it his gimmick if you know what I mean.

Can’t speak for the marines specifically though


I remember hearing Jocko saying that the leadership in the Seals were not as uniformly strong as the Marines. As in the Seals leadership were hit and miss while the leadership in the Marines were almost always good.

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