What’s something you can do, that most can’t?

I can put my leg behind my head. And I can use both left and right hands equally. Oh also I know how to tie my own flies for flyfishing and can make some delicious Chicken cordon bleu


What you got?

My job.


I can also roll a one handed spliff. 

Evaluate the parametric data of radars. 

Eat ice cream ridiculously fast.

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Move through life with a tiny cock.


Cum 3 times.. 

Eat the boogers out of a dead man's nose.

And then ask for seconds.

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Play Freebird.

Tap a lot of brown belts.?

Jack Taufer - Tap a lot of brown belts.?

That means something very different in Haiti.

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Finish Street Fighter 2 with every character without losing a round.

Parallel park.  I can squeeze my car or wifes truck into unbelievably tight spaces.  Never learned either, was just always able to do it.

Eavesdrop.  I can listen to a conversation in a busy restaurant tables away.

Break and run 3 racks in a row of 8 ball on deep shelf 4 1/2" pocket diamond smart table 


Dispatch trains

Freaky_Hibiki - Finish Street Fighter 2 with every character without losing a round.

Winning it all with Dahlsim is a sumbitch. 

A pullup. 95% of ppl cant do even one

hit a drive over 300 yards straight.

Free dive over 100 feet. Bend bottle caps backwards.

Bring people to tears by playing the cello. 

Fold my fingers strait down onto my palm.


The full splits like Mr. Jean-Claude Van Damme

Le Shat