What’s the gayest way a gay guy gayly hit on you?

I used to randomly search missed connections on Craigslist cause I thought they were funny. Then I see one that is addressing a guy at my work who obviously is me. The guy is saying he’s been coming in for years and thought there was something even though he didn’t know if I went that way. I would have never known who except his final sentence was a very specific way he orders his pizza cooked. He only came in once since then which was probably 5 years ago. He brought in a dude with him , prob to make me jealous. No way he thought I actually saw it.

But that’s the gayest way I’ve been gayed on. How bout you? Some dude in your office send you a singing telegram?

He made this thread in hopes I would reply.


One time as a bouncer when I was in my mid 20’s, a rich lawyer regular who looked like Richard Dawson came up to me at end of night and gave me his card. I said “what’s this for?”. He said you know what it’s for. Skeeved me out. Fucking scumbag. Not for gay but because he was a creep


gave me a handy at the urinals… he was so gay


Did he look you in the eye? If so did you look back?

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that’s what made it so gay. how dare he!

what was the pizza thing?


When I lived in West LA, old gay dudes at the gym would want to “see my form” either to “get pointers” or to “help me out.” I quickly did the math and learned to say “Nah buddy, I’m good” but it would crack me up to see one of them in the squat rack with some overly polite young guy, just staring a hole through his hole.

Several closeted gay celebs would cruise this gym at night, which I have some non-first-hand stories about. LA natives will probably know which one - next to Santa Monica airport.


Some guy in a really packed bus was standing behind me. There was a lot of movement back and forth, due to shitty roads, shitty vehicle suspension and people packed like cattle. At some point a feel a hard bump against my butt, turn around and see this motherfucker with a boner trying to look all innocent.

I proceeded to elbow him in his stomach, guy folded and teared up. I said something like “wanna try that again, you faggot”. People next to us then started yelling at the driver to stop, slapped the fella all the way to the exit door and was made to leave the bus.

Picture of a typical bus in Cuba for reference:


When I was 22, I went to visit my exgf in SoCal and we ended up at a Hollywood nightclub where I got stalked by a giant pink bunny.

We waited in line outside, all was well. Chill crowd. Paid a cover. When I approached the bar to get us drinks, a really tall man (least 6’6”) in a pink bunny costume abruptly cut me off, declared himself to be the owner, was clearly very gay, and invited us over to his table. He was indeed the owner and got us whatever we wanted.

Shit was cool until it wasn’t, got kinda weird with him constantly popping up on the dance floor around us. The drunker I got the more alarming the bunny became. He was high as fuck on something too so spinning off into the night wasn’t very difficult. Nice guy. I hope he’s out there praying on young dudes somewhere.

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You know I cant blame them. If I could go up to hot chickw at the gym and ask to see their form then just stare at their ass from a foot away Id probably have a gym membership.


just remember gay guys are still GUYS
guys are fucking hornballs , it’s just that gay guys feel more bold hitting on other males compared to horny ass men over creeping with females

have a bunch of homos in our circle of friends/acquaintances and 2 lesbian cousins and 1 homo cousin…so ive seen the homos a;lways trying to work game on straight dudes
they do so bc they have a high % of success with “straight” guys, otherwise they wouldnt do it so often

we were at a huge wedding with over 350 guests and my homo cousin pulls up some gay hookup app to show me and my wife a GPS real time map of other homos users on the map and were denoted by cartoon cocks…in this wedding venue were like half a dozen cocks on the GPS map within this place

we spent the rest of the night trying to guess which wedding guests were looking for butt fudge fun


This friend is you isnt it.



no, the homo is my gay guy cousin and he showed my Wife and me his real time GPS google map thing of other gay guys in the same venue as us

he’s hitting on you

hey bro, you gotta nice Screen Name
can i buy you a cup of coffee so you can give me pointers on choosing awesome SNs, bro?


So you spent all night on grindr with your gay cousin?

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who’s asking
; )

And to clarify this isn’t a bash on gays thread. Be same if I was a girl and asked about creep way dudes hit on you

Back in like 2002 when phone date/chat lines were still a thing me and this girl I banged would go on there as a conference call and Id start talking to a girl then she’d join and act like she caught me cheating. Kind of sounds immature and stupid now.

But some homo responded to my add and said he would give me a no strings attached blowjob. He hadnt even seen me!


im kinda GIF

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