What’s the worst a good delivery company has ever fucked up?

Just ordered a meat lovers and boneless wings from Papa Johns and they forgot the fucking pizza.

I’ve had many botched orders through the years, didn’t bring this, didn’t bring that, but this is the first time that they forgot to bring the fucking pizza. When I call them and tell them they forgot something, they tell me they’re gonna issue a refund for that item, of which they never actually issue, or they tell me they’ll send it out for delivery asap, which only actually happens if the item they forgot doesn’t need to be cooked, I.e. a 2 liter.

I’ve not once ever been a Karen, but I’m going to call corporate offices Monday and tell them that their stores in my region are fucking flat out stealing from me.

Anybody have Karen tips? I want people fired, it’s less about the money, and more about the inept retards they employ, I’ve literally let hundreds of dollars of undelivered orders slide and I’m sick of it.