What’s upp with Chael and pronunciation?

Belal Muhammad = Blahal

Aleksander Rakic = Raycic

Wtf man

He so consistently bad at names theres times i feel he is trolling


You never know when it comes to Chael/)

Chael e you serious about the jones you tube video :man_facepalming:

With-hout an example I dont believe you

He serious that there is no exiting matchups in HW , accept from Stipe .

Islam Mackle-chef

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“Yarir” Rodriguez always drives me crazy

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Jiri Prokayev


100% racism. He doesn’t fuck off any white American’s names, only people he wants to shit on.

Then he is a hell of actor

Agreed. Listen how he pronounces Nigannou

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Rose Namajewness

Listen to all the malcontents whining “I’m only happy when I’m sad”.