What’s your Credit Score?

Standard or metric?

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My credit was over 800 with no delinquencies ever. Last year a card I don’t regularly use had an annual fee of $60 and the notice was sent to an email that wasn’t active anymore. They dropped my credit line by $10,000 and my score hasn’t been above 750 since.

Which ones? Fico 2, 4 and 5, Fico 8 or Fico 9? All have different criteria.

831 826 842

Lol yep these types of threads are always amusing.

I USED to have a 850, but now it’s only a 840, im so pissed. I think it went down when I payed off my million dollar house, but thankfully I just got my 6 figure bonus from work so it’s all good.

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I owe everyone an apology. My score went from 850 to 845 a few days ago.

Between 805 and 840. From what I understand, there are really no benefits after 760.

Was around 780 until bought a house and car. No shits given now. I won’t need credit again until I need a new car in 8-10 years

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this shit happened top me. We changed address. I changed address with bank. We have a credit card with that bank, but it is administrated by a separate company. Had a 9 dollar charge from my tolltag. Mother fuckers kept running it and nailing me with fees. Fucked me over good. Im back up to 780.

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807 when I checked it a couple weeks ago.