What’s your (non gun) EDC?

Went down the EDC rabbit hole a while back so interested to see what everyone carries - aside from guns. Mine is fairly simple:

leatherman skeletool cx

on key chain:

olight mini

mini knife

gerber shard

orbitkey with Chipolo tracker & mini hex wrench 





5.11 EDC 107 lumen flashlight (VERY slim)

Camillus assisted opening folder with 4 inch blade from 2004 ish.

That's my true non-gun EDC, but I will carry other shit as well, situation depending.

what is actually on me or what i take with me everyday on my person


1 hitter/battie

vape pen (thc, when i dont have my 1 hitter)

benchmade mini grip

car/house keys

Olight M2T Warrior or SR2 Baton 

Benchmade mini griptilian 


Hand sanitizer

cloth mask w/pm2.5 filter

ive carried a mask for years due to seasonal allergies, living in China and dealing with the air pollution, and when we had the wild fires out here.  

I have a large tote with everything in it in the back of my jeep. I see no reason to ever take it out. I could easily vanish if I wanted or just hole up somewhere if I needed too. I have water, food, shelter(although I would probably use my jeep for shelter rather than my tent). I have a portable solar charger and solar battery and some various electronics that work both with the solar setup to recharge or I can use my hand crank radio to recharge things if there is no light.
Flashlights, batteries, tools, tape, nails, screws I literally have everything I would ever need. I even have instant coffee in there as it never goes bad.

This is one of em:

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My wallet?


Leatherman free K4 along with either my crkt ignitor T 6865, CRKT m16-10ks.

OLight M1x striker

Spyderco PM2



Keys with Gerber shard 

Bic lighter 

Pipe and weed

When working I also carry pruners, hori hori, and a Bushkill DRH. 

My fuckin fists.

Spyderco Tenacious G10

5.11 atac aaa light

SOG MACV tool on my keychain 

i hate having a bunch of shit on me. My truck is well stocked and I’m never that far from it.