What’s your top reply?

This one.
Pretty Meager.
Althought I question how far back it tracked this, since i had way more in some of my threads from years ago

13 for a comment about Nigel Farage’s last speech to the EU parliament. I didn’t even remember making the comment.

In a close 2nd was 12 upvotes on the savage memes thread, for telling Beards that his antivax memes weren’t savage, they were just shit.

Mine is 39 vote ups. It was in the thread where mcdojo master said ben shapiro had never had sexual intercourse. I said neither has he but you don’t see us calling him out on it. It was one of those first post ends the thread situations.

Yeah, first post gets an extra bump because of the timing. Instant pay-off.

On a side note, I always get your SN mixed up with McDojoMaster even though they’re barely related. Something about the way the letters fit together.

lol. I showed that to everyone at work. Have another VU.


Was it the thread about your old lady’s commitment to her old babysitting gig?

That’s my Top Topic

I don’t even remember what I posted. It happens alot. I’ve laughed and been disgusted by old posts and then saw I was the asshole who made the comment.

I told Ned he should make ham wrapped pickles for his easter meal.


Is that real ? If so, Awesome !!!