What sauces are...

being used in restaurants today?

i keep reading and hearing how the mother sauces are rarely done in restaurants, shouldnt be taught in culinary school, yada yada yada.

so what sauces are being used in todays restaurants?

I'm just starting to learn about the mother sauces and they're going out of vogue?

Is this true, and if so I would be interested what are the new "in" sauces?

From all the TV shows I watch it looks like foams and airs and all kinds of shit that they blend up and add some chemical to give it a weird property.  It all looks awful to me, like smoke flavored soap bubbles or something.  

many trendy places are certainly not using traditional sauces on thier own but they call them mother sauces for a reason. mac and cheese was really big on menus last year and all the good ones started out with a bechamel.

they may not be recognizable but at the very least the concepts behind them are still very present.

 Yeah, I think bechamel is the basic starter sauce.