What should be the standards for immigrants to the U.S

What should our standards for legal immigration be?

They should pay taxes.

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Refugees from countries whose governments are US installed puppet governments should be accepted. Like the UK.

Immigrants should queue up like civilized people and wait their turn.

Their identity should be verified and they should only be allowed in from countries that have properly verifiable criminal background checks.

If they pass this ideally rigorous vetting process, they should be allowed in in limited batches. 10k per year would be a good starting point.

Once they’re in the country, they should immediately start working, paying taxes and assimilating to our nation, including learning the language.

After the 5 year naturalization process, they should be required to pass the citizenship test in English.

Once they do that, they should be welcomed and embraced by all as American citizens with the same rights as the rest of us.

The naturalization period should also be treated as probationary. Any criminal violation(civil/traffic citations/etc not counted) of law should result in immediate deportation.

As for refugees, we should only accept women, children, the elderly and the infirm. Able bodied males should not be counted as refugees.


But the UK installed the U.S.'s gov’t…

You should pay your own way to get here, to live here, and get the fuck out if you don’t like the country at its core. Not to say you can’t influence incremental change with our citizens but this isn’t your revolutionary destination. Gtfo.

No different than if I went to another country to live there. I know what I’m getting into. If I’m not productive and integrating and learning the language and culture and think it’s an evil place I better get moving.

The dog and tail changed places.

Alto for President!

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College education and a hundred grand entrance fee.

Hot chicks


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no breeding without ability to afford children (i’d like that rule for citizens too)
no financial assistance of any kind, must speak english

My grandfather was a broke Slav who didn’t speak English and came with nothing. He served the country in WW2 and his son became a rocket scientist who gave briefs to the US president. His grandson is an ‘01er and has a huge hog. Glad the US didn’t follow the rules many of you are suggesting.