What should I ask for promotion

I will be interviewing for a promotion soon. The next salary band starts at 84, I'm already at 84. My bonus will go from 10 to 15 but it's not guaranteed (percent). 


I dont want to aim too high, but I know that I'm already in the promotions pay band, and I don't want to demand too much considering others applying might be ok with 85. 


I dont want to take on a bunch of new responsibility for a 5k raise. I'm not thinking I want at least 95, so should I ask 98? Am I going to price myself out of the job? I feel like I'm worth 95 but I also don't want to miss an opportunity. 


Im perplexed. 

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ask for what youre justified in getting

vague? good! make a list of all the shit youve done, and how youre going to also accomplish x,y, and z in the new job by a certain date, and what value that brings to the company. be realistic, but show those above you that you have a clear and well mapped plan for advancement.

you said the next pay band starts at $84?  where does it end?


you said the next pay band starts at $84?  where does it end?


How long do you think you'll be able to get raises and stay in that range?  Will you be promoted out well before capping out?  Why not start at $105 (midpoint).  Settle for the 25% to 33% percentile ($95-$100)?