What should I be thinking?

Hi guys,

I've listened to cerebral self defence, warrior intuition, and watched the Competition Coaching video. My first MMA fight is March 9. I finally found out today (March 1) who I was fighting. For some reason when I found out, I became a lot more anxious, not scared really, just anxious. I have no idea really of his skills and strengths, which is pretty cool by me. I've trained a lot, and am confident in all but one aspect of my game, closing the distance, the initial attack. I know once I get past that I'll be fine, any tips on dealing with this mentally? Thanks



What youre feeling is completely noram, becuase
now there's a face to the 'opponent'...

Likley, since there was no name/face, before
March 1 you were visualizing your strategies and
options based on your skill, now you must include
the opponent...also, NOW its real. Hence the
anxiety, whcih is completley normal, now is the
time to start rewatching the COMPETITION

Good luck.


Thank you Tony,

I will watch it again... great tape by the way!



Let me know how you do!!