What should I build??

With summer coming up, its about time to sell my wrangler. It was fun in a way, offroading, ground clearance, top down, etc...

But its too damn slow, and the suspension is too soft. Gas mileage is as bad as most of the sports cars I've owned, and its like driving around in a tent.

I briefly thought of doing something crazy like a blower, smaller tires and suspension work, but after pricing it out (4k for the blower!) I discarded that idea.

So once it gets sunny I can sell it and just ride my motorcycle for the summer. This will allow me to save some $$ and perhaps build something up in the fall.

The criteria will be:

#1: It must be driveable in the snow. This doesn't absolutely mean 4WD/AWD. I've driven the jeep in RWD most of the winter without chains. 4WD has been used primarily so I don't have to shovel my driveway, and once to get up an icy ramp in the parking garage at work. But I remember driving my '69 stang when it got icy in portland and that was an adventure to say the least.

#2: It has to be reasonably fast and handle reasonably well.

#3: I can do bolt on type work, but major engine stuff would have to be done by a shop.

#4: Need to fit a bike rack on it or be able to but a bike in it.

#5: I'd like to keep it at around 5k.

Bounce some ideas off me. I'm considering another DSM at this point, but they're so hard to find with a good tranny and without insane mileage. But maybe a beat one with a straight body and most of the cost being an engine rebuild and TRE tranny rebuild.

Dodge Spirit R/T.

The turbo III in the spirit sounds like it has some problems with timing belts, oil pumps and head cracking. Also parts availablity.

Too old. Wish they had the rs cosworth over here.

An E36 bmw 325IS.

This car is currently crushing all comers in SCCA's improved touring "S" class save for the occasional well sorted out 240z or speedsource RX-7.

These cars are making 270hp with only headers, exhaust, minor port matching, and ecu mods.

These engines are good for around 8,000 rpms and will make big hp on the street.

Interesting idea, I've never owned a bimmer. I'll research this.

Well, I don't see where you can get a 325is for under 5k and with under 100k miles. Mos private party ones are 6-7k. Still, its not a bad option to think about.

Talked to the guy I sold my DSM to last year. He says in july he might sell it back to me since he's buying a minivan for his family.

All electrical problems fixed (apparently there were multiple shorts which was why I had such trouble diagnosing the charging probs) no more than 15k on the new motor. Still has the MBC at 15 PSI with no issues with the stock turbo.

Hope this works out!