What should I do in Vegas this weekend?

I just screen shot that and emailed it to myself, Thanks!

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The Vanitian is dope. Do you have a room there?

Fuck no, I’m in old downtown Vegas for $60 a night. It’s even less per night now looking at the rates.

I don’t gamble either. Used to have long contracted stays at hotels doing IT work here, it’s just another Thursday.

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In, I’ll be there tomorrow , interested in seeing what is still open.

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Everything is still open here. our governor is a dog with no teeth. The casinos pull his puppet strings. Hell, most people aren’t even wearing masks in casinos now. Not complaining just saying. You don’t have to worry about lots of closures.

Here now, not too bad crowd about 50% normal capacity, the bloody mary at the mgm park primrose that was recommended by the og is very good.

THIS. I stayed there last June, and I can vouche, that was the best bloody mary I have ever had. It blew me away

Did the Area 15 / Omega Mart on mushrooms with the lady, that was some fun shit. Someone mentioned it here and a local friend told me not to miss it, so I will tell others the same.

Got some more lobster rolls at the Venetian, hit that bitch up twice.

There’s a really good cocktail lounge off the outside of Fremont, opens at 5 for half off happy hour until 7, their menu is very well-crafted, best drinks in town I would say.

Got married.

Thread success. Thanks folks!



Congrats man. Where did ya get hitched?

There’s a chapel near Golden Nugget that was fairly inexpensive and didn’t charge “premium days” and all kinds of other stuff.

Since we were staying at the 4 Queens, the magistrate office was 4 blocks away so we went there the night before, then scheduled a quick bare bones ceremony.

You can call me cheap but I’ve already got a 20 year deposit down on this woman.

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Good job man. I know we couldn’t have been happier doing it in Vegas. So much less hassle and drama.

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