what should I do with this laptop?

I have a Toshiba satellite with a celeron processor 1500Mhz, 224MB of RAM, 17 inch wide screen monitor, and a 60 gig harddrive.

It has a problem with the power cord plugin, I have to raise the cord to get it to charge the battery and it won't run without some charge in the battery. A local repair shop wants $250 to repair it. No I don't have any warranty left.

I want a smaller laptop for word processing, music downloading, and I want wireless. Thats it. I am going traveling and I don't want to lug this bigass thing around anymore.

The repair guy said it was a soldering job, with a new power socket.

Do I sell it (whats it worth?) or do I get it fixed first?

I checked around, the most its worth without the power socket problem is about $400. Anybody wants it, start the bidding.

...tempting, very tempting....