What should I watch first?

The rise and fall of ecw, or the rise and fall of wcw? Phone Post

ecw, one of my favorites. I liked Monday Night Wars & Best of Starrcade (watch in reverse order I guess) better than Rise & Fall of WCW

Monday Night Wars is good! Rise and fall of ECW is great! How is the new nitro DVD? Phone Post

Rise and Fall of ECW is the best DVD I have watched, followed very closely by T.S.D.O.T. Ultimate Warrior.

just watched the ecw one a few days ago. my fav of all the wwe docs.

Watched the ecw one, was cool, watched the Monday night wars and watching one about the undertaker now. Already seen the ultimate warrior one and beyond the mat, anything else I should get? Phone Post

Hitman, the wwe one and wrestling with shadows. Ricky steamboats was good. I have an unwatched dusty Rhoades one, any good? Phone Post

Rewatching wrestling with shadows! Phone Post

Starrcade, world class, Pillman, benoit, horsemen Phone Post

Dusty's is decent. Worth watching if you were a fan or had interest in the Crockett era. Phone Post