What Should Kamala say when she visits the border?

“Who do I need to blow to make this go away?”


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Now it’s time to go to Europe!

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“Who do I blow to say I’ve been to Europe?”


It’s funny because she’s a whore

Maybe all she needs is to provide some lip service?

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She’s going down

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“I’m sorry for being an insufferable whore”

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Hi I’m the token anchor baby who called my boss a rapist.


I was gonna post this almost word for word.

This was meant to quote the OP.

I’ve never hit a woman, but this cunt right here would get it!

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Fuck you fucking fucks. Ill fucking fuck your face in the fuck hole like a fucking kentucky fried motherfucker.

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One day you can be Vice President too

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“Qué onda guey”

-kamala Harris.

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I don’t understand your question