What should Koscheck do now??

should he just continue to be sort of a gatekeeper for the ww division??why does he insist on being this striker when his striking hasnt evolved much past his Tuf appearance?he throws a quick left and hopes to land his straight right, thats it, thats his entire game-plan in every fight..

should he fight Mcdonald next??i think thatd be a pretty good fight..

Kos vs Rory

Must be tough to fight at scratch weight when everyone else has at least 15 pounds on you.

He decides that he want's to make one last run at the title, sells his gym and goes to train with Woodley at ATT.

Marquardt. Phone Post 3.0

Paw with the left, over-hand right
The guy has an awesome double leg! & a relentless drive



fight someone whos more of a grappler with less heavy hands

Something is wrong with him. Ever since he fought GSP he basically just stands there waiting to throw a right hand. It's like he forgot he can wrestle. He either needs to get motivated or retire IMO

Stun gun or ace lim Phone Post 3.0