What single mystery would you most like solved?

Any update??

I listen to a ton of shit, but the following repeatedly keep me interested.

GUESTS/INTERVIEWS ON VARIOUS TOPICS (usually book authors, filmmakers, historians, etc):

The Opperman Report - PI who dives into numerous conspiracy theories, current events, etc. one of my favorites.

William Ramsey Investigates - (friend of Ed Opperman. similar style & format. did good work on the guilt of the WM3. a lot of occult stuff, smiley face killers, etc)

The Ochelli Effect - politics, conspiracies, political conspiracies, old school. heavy focus on JFK. Rumor is Jack Blood will be making his return here on his network!

The Higherside Chats - various conspiracy theories discussed, far out guests.level-headed host.

Those Conspiracy Guys - various conspiracy theories discussed.

The Corbett Report - (current events, 9/11 & OKC truth, geopolitics, etc).

The Conspiracy Skeptic - A skeptical look at conspiracy theories.

Skeptico - Science-based discussion of conspiracy theories.

Unexplained with Howard Hughes - (hit or miss, a lot of UFO talk).


Transmissions from Jonestown - Amazing series of podcasts, the truth about Jonestown (CIA, MK Ultra, Q875, etc)

Faded Out - The disappearance of Johnny Gosch

The Clown & the Candyman - Reveals the network of pedophiles that connected two deranged serial killers, Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy.

THE USUAL/SELF EXPLANATORY (listen occasionally, depending on subject):

True Crime Garage
Sword & Scale
Crime in Sports
Disgraceland (True crime in the world of music)


Out there Radio - (Occult, conspiracy, counterculture, etc).

MY ALL-TIME FAVORITES (no longer putting out new shows, the hosts can’t stand each other. best podcast EVA):

Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole - (so much greatness in the run they had. Sandy Hook basically destroyed the show when one host went full Ctard & became Wolfgang’s handler while another knew people from the area). fuck I miss this show.

No Agenda Radio - (current events, media deconstruction).


I’m a big fan of William Ramsey and The Ed Opperman Report.


that’s awesome to hear, same!

those shows go just about anywhere. easily two of my favorites.

If you haven’t listened, The Ochelli Effect has them on quite a bit when the subject is in their wheelhouse.


I never heard of it but I’m gonna check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure you heard of him but give Jay Dyer a listen if you haven’t.

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I will, thanks!

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Who i am?

Can you recommend some of your favorite episodes of Opperman?

Go down the MK Ultra rabbit hole. It’s nuts. Episodes with Tom O’Neil are fun.


100%. It seems like something kind of cool at first, but then you realize its real retarded sir.


Dave McGowan episodes are great. He discusses Laurel Canyon and hippie scenes ties to the CIA.


The disappearance of Kirik


We are all Kirik


post of the week

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9-11 clown, obviously.


Did “socks” survive his cancer?

How dare you

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Uncle Chael knows D.B. personally as well as how he effected his escape.

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Uncle Chael still beating on his wife?

I used to be such a fan.

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He has a HUGE body of work, some of it hard to find now, let me find a couple.

He was part of a Epstein case so he covers that quite a bit with some inside info he can reveal.

He’s been calling out controlled op like Ted Gunderson, Cathy O’Brien, etc. Also Michael Acquino is called out often. Those are always good as he has many personal experiences with them.

He had done a handful of shows with Gary Meece & the guilt of the WM3.

Nick Bryant has been on a few times to discuss his books DC Madam & the Franklin Scandal.

My favorite invidual shows:

Lisa Pease on the assassination of RFK (I helped set this one up, big fan of Lisa & her book),

John Duffy & Ray Nowosielski on their book “the watchdogs didn’t bark - CIA, ,NSA & the crimes of the war on terror” (9/11 - Outstanding book!)

He recently had Mae Brussell’s daughter on to discuss her work (Mae is one of the pioneers).

Joseph Green on Jim Jones, Dan Mitrione & The People’s Temple.The truth about Jonestown (Helped set this on up as well).

He is one of a few that keeps the memory of Danny Casolaro alive along with his “octopus” investigation/theory.

^ a bit biased because all those topics REALLY interest me and/or involve a friend or associate.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUa2OYcCO-TlCPeIdvvlmTlYNDUB5RMug

^ to get a better idea of his guestlist. I checked it out, some of my favorite shows on there. a lot of his stuff isn’t on youtube anywhere. the podcast is called The Opperman Report.