What single mystery would you most like solved?

Very cool. Thank you!


a few others:



thanks for putting all that effort in and making an awesome list. needed something to do to waste time waiting for covid to pass.


faster than light travel

Covid origin

aliens. the true history of the jews and their current levels of world power interest me as well.


the red hairs.

oh and the bones of giants that disapeared. most of them were found in mounds here in north america.

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Why 81 million people voted for Joe Biden.


WTF bro seriously? That’s an auto ban right?


I know it was 20 years ago but would they not almost always have a geosynced sat on top of the pentagon, white house, congress etc at all times back then ?

The pentagon is the one of if not the most protected buildings in the world. It has it’s own missle defense system. There are camera’s everywhere. The only thing ever released was through a FOIA request. It’s from a grainy security camera where the footage clearly looks edited. Spoiler alert- it looks exactly similar to a cruise missle shaped like very small plane. Look it up, it’s out there.

Was that the footage from the gas station?

Lol, cmon bro they discovered this already. It came from bat soup from a wet market. Jeez, read a paper…

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A small security shed/stop point on the side of the building.

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Huh, for some reason I remember something about footage being confiscated from a station.


I 100% remember footage being confiscated from a gas station. They can scrub stuff from the internet, but not from our collective memories.


JFK assassination

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You’re correct. Taken and to never be seen again.

The footage I’m speaking of was released by our govt because they had to. It was also clearly doctored on certain frames.

Here is the video that was released

Never Seen that one before, thanks for sharing