What songs would a young rock band play today?

What hip rock songs would high schoolers today play? A short set list that isn’t for an audience of grey haired dudes reliving the good ol’ days?

sounds like you want a ghey emo playlist


I think all kids just listen to mumble rap. Is there even new rock? They all like stranger things play some Metallica and Kate bush

But seriously im either wrong or way out of the loop cause I have no idea what new rock they listen to or exists

Free Bird


where’s that homo yo-homo?

he’d know

I actually need a cool rockin set list. One that the lyrics aren’t too weird for youngsters to say but not too complicated and with grooving lines.

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There are still a lot of folks diggin playin in a rock band. I don’t know anything about the new stuff but it’s still hard to find old song that fit.

Maybe some Audioslave or Black Keys.

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That’s gray hair rock he’s avoiding lol. Dammit I don’t wanna be old

The kids like Olivia. Song is paramore ripoff but good rock hook i guess

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Oh…Fall Out Boy!


MGK or some shit. Dunno his rock songs

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Third Eye Blind is my final offer.


The OG listening to this new generation of music:


I’m not sure what the kids are doing but the debut album from Courting comes out today and I’m fuckin buzzin for it. This was their EP from a year or so ago

Black Country New Road, Black Midi, Amyl & The Sniffers, Starcrawler, Just Mustard… All putting out good shit

now you can always hit intergenerational

Thanks. Some good recommendations.