What Stock Pumps Next?

So far we’ve seen GameStop and AMC explode upward through the roof. What stock will be next, and how do we find out about it??


That’s pretty high already. It’s at almost $86, and was even higher at the beginning of the day. It’s diving. I was looking more at the type of pump that allows you to drop in a grand at >$2 a share and it blows up to $70 a share.

Not financial advise


I have stopped researching meme stocks but when I left AMC before the spike these were the stocks Reddit users were talking about.

Again, please do your own research. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Reddit users are tight lipped now and only inform their group through invitation on which will be the next meme stock to invest in. But their group now is far less than what we had during GME and AMC days. AMC still have a large following. It could therefore theoretically go even higher. Like GME, a real short squeeze.

But it’s a risk. I wasn’t a believer with AMC and sold early. You gotta have diamond hands patience and be prepared for alot of sleepless nights due to price volatility.

The stocks I have mentioned, it is difficult to predict whether we will have the same outbreak and outcome because now all meme investors are scattered buying different stocks instead of just focusing on one stock. Therefore the likelihood of a short squeeze is much less.

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I own some BB

Just buy whatever Nancy Pelosi buys.
She miraculously always happens to buy a stock a day or two before it blows up.


Rivian when it opens up in a couple of months


Trading isn’t a team sports.

Buy VOO and hold it until you see me say to sell, or you need the money to retire

Wouldn’t you put retirement money INTO VOO ??

Vanguard 500 isn’t looooonng term blue chip ?

Shhhhh, you’re saying the quiet part out loud. He’ll do better in the long run taking the S&P 500 average versus trying to find the next stock that’s going to blow up

People need to stop trying to re-create GME

GME was in a weird position as it had a huge amount of inside ownership what also meant a lower float, most of the shares were locked up by people who were not selling . It also had a lot of short interest because well its a dying business; what meant a few million could really move the price up.

Hedge funds who wanted to pop the stock then started promoting it on reddit getting retail to put their money on the line to push the stock up while they bought options and caused a squeeze .

Make no mistake retial didn’t pump GME, this isn’t retail vs hedge funds its hedge funds vs hedgefunds ; the hedge funds that used retail as their pawns won.