What Study Guide Exam Prep

for all u mcse mcp , mcsa what exam prep did u use if any. a couple of friends told me that transcenders, troytec and testking are good rep exams before one takes the real thing.?? what did u use?? Also what book did u use for mcp? im using microsft tool kit mcse

you might want to talk to rfquinn about this... I think he can help you out...

sweet thank rob

Transcenders are great. I don't know how other people write the real exams without something like transcenders to practice on first. Sybex books are usually pretty good, Exam Crams are ok as a backup read, but don't rely solely on it. A lot of people swear by MOC, but I found them to be crap.

Go to www.examnotes.net Lots of good advice etc to be found there.

thanks muay. i hear sybex books are great and they compare to microsoft press books but sybex books are much easier to understand.

I am using a sybex right now foe exchange 2000. Its pretty decent, well laid out... comes with a cd that has all the chapter quizes on it and a final quiz. Its been pretty good.

I only ever tried one MS press book before, that was for NT Server a few years back. It was crap. Got all the way though it and still didn't even know what the \i386 folder was.