What submission did GOD use

When he was fighting Jacob ( Genesis something ).

I'm not good with leglocks stuff, but it attacked the hip.

Any ideas?

it was an angel, not God. Check Gene LeBell's books and videos for hiplocks

I think Job wrestled with Satan in the Bible some where as well.

Where's Christian Soldier when you need him?

TTT for Biblical tapouts.

no, Jacob just wrestled the angel, that one time. No wrestling with Satan or God

So God and Satan ducked each other?

No, God bodyslammed Satan's ass right out of heaven. Thats why he's so pissed off.

any web resources for hiplocks?

The angel didn't use a hiplock against Jacob; he used the awesome power of chi. According to the scriptural account, the angel simply TOUCHED the hollow of Jacob's thigh and put the hip out of joint.