What sunglasses do youz guys wear?

Oakley Jupiter twos Phone Post

maui jim ka-anapali and an old pair of bolle micro edge

Ray Ban Aviators


Ray Ban Aviator

Ray Ban Wayfarer. Phone Post 3.0

Spy Helm Phone Post 3.0

Ray Bans and Spy's

I took a pic of them but Can't log in to the site? Just won't let me? I hit log In type pass n then it kicks me back to home screen??? Phone Post 3.0

Shoesme - Ray Ban Wayfarer. Phone Post 3.0
This. Phone Post 3.0

Ray Ban Aviator


Hired Gun - 
awilson82 - Cheap ass chrome aviators that I buy by the case. I go through sunglasses very frequently so and expensive pair doesnt do me much good plus these fit my big fucking head.

Ive been looking for some better glasses possibly polarized ones for my off days when Im less likely to kill them but I havent pulled the trigger yet.

My Oakleys are worn all day every day and I've had this pair for three yrs now. I take care of them.

Thats generally my problem. I throw them around, I lean against things with them in my collar, I throw them in the truck seat then sit on them, they fall off my face, etc.

I also work around fuel, gas, additive, etc some days and I had a pair of Oakleys years ago and one day I got covered in gas and didnt get them cleaned off (was more worried about getting it out off me and my clothes) and they warped and were then unusable.

That and I just have bad luck with sunglasses, Im kinda clumsy and just seem to break them.

Oakley makes a great product no doubt but I just cant afford to kill a $100 pair of sunglasses every few weeks. I may buy another pair in the near future to wear out or on my days I know Ill just be in the office.

Carrera Aviator

Phone Post 3.0

Can we see some pics if these Costas? I need some new shades. Phone Post 3.0

Locs. Ill find pics Phone Post

Wiley X Brick



Bolle Montauk


I've got some costa harpoons for fishing and other various outdoor stuff. I have some sweet ass ray bans that have the aviator style front but bigger and plastic arms. And I have some KDs for when I ride my bike. The KDs are actually my favorite because I don't have to worry about breaking it scratching them as they are like 10 bucks a pair. Phone Post 3.0

Bukkake -


Hugo Boss

Exactly what I'm rollin with right now. Phone Post 3.0

Typhoon Aloha Polarized
Phone Post

Costas Phone Post

Rx Oakley half jackets and a pair of RX straight jackets. Polarized lens one has orangish lens and one has mirrored smoked lenses. Expensive as shit with the RX lenses so I usually get a pair every other year but this year my script didn't change so I can still wear both. Phone Post 3.0

Oakley Antix and Maui Jim Big Kahuna