What Superfight Would You Want?

If you could go back in time and change history and make one match happen which one would it be.

Sakuraba vs Rickson 2000 -2001

Fedor vs Couture 2007

Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2008 -2009

To me I think I'd still make Mayweather vs Pacman over the MMA matches. The buildup for that fight literally held longer than any other matchup I've been alive to witness before...I still cant believe it didn't happen.

I'd like to see Fedor vs. Chuck right now with both of them on trt. Phone Post

Not all(or any) superfights. Just fights I would have liked to seen.

Fedor vs Josh Barnett 2008ish
Nick Diaz vs GSP 2008ish
Carlos Condit vs GSP 2008ish
Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit 2008ish
Anderson Silva vs Hendo rematch after winning Bisping fight

I often think about what if Fedor beat Barnett and Chuck beat Rampage. I think the history of the light heavyweight would have been more interesting. Phone Post 3.0

NickDiaz209 - Mayweather vs Pacquiao
Sakuraba vs Rickson would've been a fun fight but it's not the 2 p4p best like floyd and pac, while fedor woulda smashed randy we all know that Phone Post 3.0

What?! Obviously you're not familiar with Rickson or Sakuraba. They were the pfp best, at the time. Phone Post

Floyd-Manny just for their legacies. Floyd would absolutely dominate manny. Tyson-Bowe would have been sick and equally one sided

For MMA it's frank shamrock against Rickson 99 or 00, and randy and Wandy Phone Post 3.0

I still want to see Brock-Fedor lol

As Long as I can get Gennadiy vs Martinez in boxing I'm very happy. Jones vs Cain at Heavy is the closest thing to a superfight I want in mixed martial arts but I still want Jones to fight Gus, Glove and Cormier first.

If I could go back in time...Hmmmm

Sakuraba vs GSP - 2005

Shogun vs Wandy - 2006

Buakaw vs Petrosyan.....Still waiting for the rematch.

Allen Hood -
BackAndLeft - I'd like to see Fedor vs. Chuck right now with both of them on trt. Phone Post
Hahaha ya man be interesting. In Russia too! Phone Post 3.0

Bellator should make that their second ppv lol. Phone Post






Hendo/Chuck (around 2003/5)

Shogun/Chuck (around 2005)

I still wanna see pacman vs floyd Phone Post 3.0

I'd love to have seen Tom Erikson vs Lesner and Mark Kerr vs Lesner all in there prime Phone Post