What supplements thin blood?

Looking for supplements that naturally thins blood.Blood work came back showing level a little thick.Doc said donating blood a couple times a year would do the trick but just wondering if anything besides aspirin would help.

Does CoQ 10 do this? Thanks.

Vodka Phone Post

Were you well hydrated before the test?

Thanks guys.

What is K2?

Should I mix grapefruit juice with that vodka?

DaddyO4 - Thanks guys.

Should I mix grapefruit juice with that vodka?


If ur trying to thin out ur vagina too

Along with being a grand master in the for what its worth department, my grand master was a Cherokee Medicine Man. Sassafras root boiled into tea is the best natural blood thinner. It grows wild all over the place in Louisiana and the root always grows to the East so if you get lost you can find you way. from this they made sarsaparilla and later rootbeer. You just carve up the root and make tea out of it ..pretty easy. One little pack of artificial sweetener added and it tastes really good.

Nah,my vagina is ok.I just thought grapefruit juice would be a good sub for lemon juice...actually when drinking I prefer whiskey.

So I just dig up this root ,boil it in some water,mix in sweetner and drink it? How often? I actually live in New Orleans so I should be able to obtain some.Can it be bought in a store since my knowledge of botany is limited?

Well sassafras grows all over Louisiana go find some I'm from there too.

Garlic reduces the clotting factor i.e. Thins blood. Phone Post

Fish oil

white willow bark mimics aspirin, there are supplements out there with it in it especially some fat burners. really thins the blood.

Just take fish oil or aspirin/willow bark.

I'm currently taking fish oil and co q 10 as well as raising alkaline levels .Gave blood last weekend and have been back to training and eating better the past month.Started on low dose thyroid meds a few months back and really feeling much better.
Was grunting through training for a couple of years prior to finding out about my thyroid and then refused to take meds and training dropped before I could not fight it anymore.

May look to fight again at 42.