What tape is best for me?

I do not really have access at this point to any training partners.I would like to know which
Crazy Monkey tape would you suggest so that would have the best info and solo drills(shadow boxing,heavy bag)

Thanks for your time.


I just got Rodney's streetboxing series for X-mas , and it is described pretty well in the first tape . I havent seen sparring 101 yet , but everyone reccomends it .

I hope this helps.

Good luck

Rodney King's vids/DVDs are your best bet for learning CM. The SBG series shows the basics of it and his STG series shows you all that you need. I haven't seen Sparring 101 but I heard great things about it. I don't know Rodney's website address off by heart but if you go to www.straightblastgym.com, his website addy/link as well as e-mail address is there.

Hope that helps as well.