what the hell does

FRAT mean??? christ, I see it everywhere and I can't possibly think of what it could be an acronym for, if it is an acronym. I'm sure it doesn't mean Frankfurt Air Terminal or Fuzzy Reasoning Adaptive Thresholding.

Fat Raunchy Anal Temptress.


France Really Annoys Tito

You usually see it before a really long post as a warning cuz it means Fuck Reading All That 

I'll let you know soon once all the clever ideas are used up...

Feeling Randy's Ass Tonight...

Well there you go...

double post

Fuck Randy Acts Terribly!

stizzle1981 -  Whats ttt mean?

 Tough Titty Twister

stizzle1981 -  Whats ttt mean?

Tasty Tater Tots

 Since it is pro members that are asking.....

FRAT = Fuck reading all that

TTT =  To the top (meaning you like or agree with the thread so you send it to the top of the page)


i know what KKM is... at least i think i do,

but what do the letters stand for again?

 king knightmare

 ku klux man 

is this a pro only thread?

 Yes... and in celebration of it being a PRO MEMBERS ONLY THREAD!!!

I got one


 Donkey Punch / Post Pics

Thanks Gemini

in return I give you TWINS!