Did Mad Tiger chase Mr K off the forum, no sign of the "Hawaii Hater' lately?

Come to think of it, we haven't seen much of Rabello lately either, Hum, maybe there hanging out together? LMAO!

notice any "new" lurkers these days? lol

 uh oh

 I think Mr K was really teh Kurano trolling us... lol

changing identity. he's in the witness protection program

tune in tomorrow, for another exciting episode!!


He's back to lurking.

i spotted him at hickam!working the gate.well all joking aside i waved but did not get to say hello.Long time no see Todd.throwing the big shaka your way.Bob-O

Maybe went to cali to train with BeboSaab? lol

 i hear if you flash your headlights at midnight 3 times at the statue at the diamond head cemetary, mr k's face can be seen for a second or two...

i like that!! add hawaii kai as haoli kai as perse' the stereo type. i live there and actually has good mix of asians, hawaiians,koreans,etc.also... nowadayz...

heard he got taken out by either mt or Diken Cider.

 met dc last night. mr k would be dead if that happened. oh man

 Funny thing is Mark I seen  you bjjtek and teh freitas all sitting on the table.  I was gonna introduce myself but decided not to.  Should've asked t-o-double d to do it for me lol.  You know how fucked up it is trying to say "Hi guys I'm uh... umm.....uhhh Diken Cider." 

 guys call me fctv and don't even know my name a lot of times. rip = mark

LOL!!! when we met, all you got out was "Diken"

'nuff said!

hahahaha Oh ma'am!

 Was easier to introduce myself to you Jimmy cause you not a HUGE celeb like fctv.

^^^What are you describing as "HUGE"? And looks like there's some explaining to do for JNaks and FCTV.

 uh oh this thread is taking a turn for the worse.