What the hell play was that? Ind vs NE

WTF? Phone Post 3.0

That was.... Interesting Phone Post 3.0

Rumble Young Man Rumble - Potato play
Lol! Phone Post 3.0

One of the dumbest plays in MFL history Phone Post 3.0

Centre and QB only ones at the ball, the rest of Ind, including the most of the o line was on the far right of the field. Phone Post 3.0

Best play in NFL history. Phone Post 3.0

*NFL Phone Post 3.0

Don't think that the guys doing it knew, either.

You could definitely see that the guy behind the "center" was surprised when they suddenly snapped the ball at him.

Anyone more football savvy then me want to guess what they were even attempting? Phone Post 3.0

Lol Phone Post 3.0

Sounds like just to draw a penalty. Wasn't supposed to snap it Phone Post 3.0

Well I know how to win the annual madden tournament after seeing that play. I knew I was doing it wrong. Phone Post 3.0

Lol. Wow. I thought there is no way he'll take the snap and throw a screen to the sideline. But wait.....he takes the snap and was like going to go fwd? Against 5 guys? Lol. Wow.
Wtf was that Phone Post 3.0

should have called time out as soon as the Pats players lined up in the middle of the field. Hopefully Pagano mans up and takes responsibility for it.

I mean, even if somehow would have worked, they still didnt have 7 on the line. Awful field position for a mistake like that.
Has tom brady passed for 4 touchdowns? Phone Post 3.0

mind bottled

That was a hell of a block. Phone Post 3.0

That was pretty cool Phone Post 3.0

Any vids? Phone Post 3.0

They got that shit from the Longest Yard. Phone Post 3.0