What the most violent thing you've witnessed?

Fuck some of these are horrible, pretty glad I haven't seen any gruesome shit. Worst I've seen was a guy who had collapsed outside my work with a heart attack...heard he had died shortly after. Phone Post 3.0

A few things I can think of off the top of my head:

Saw a guy get hit in the back of the head with a lead pipe. Went down like a sack of potatoes. This was in high school at a party and the kid lived but was never right after that. The kid that hit him when to some sort of reform school and although I didn't keep up with his life, I heard he killed himself a few years ago.

Saw a kid's head get run over by the rear tire of a car. He was pretty fucked up but he lived.

Saw a guy smash a full Becks bottle over another kids head. Unlike the movies, the bottle didn't break. It did however make a horrible sound and drop the guy that got hit.

pcuzz - 13 years old bunch of us kids playing in a cul-de-sac, old man who yelled at us all of the time came to his door with a rifle and shot one of my friends in the head. I was maybe 30 ft from him.
Can't skate by this one! Damn... What happened? Phone Post 3.0

In for more gruesomeness. Phone Post 3.0

Sennin - Actually, most violent thing was a traffic accident. Guy in a little Toyota tercel tried to turn left in front of a semi. Phone Post 3.0
That's sad. He would've killed someone else had it been a motorcycle instead of a semi. Phone Post 3.0

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Just remembered now, I was in line at the drive thru right next to an overpass. Truck come flying over the rail and landed upside down on the roof. Two woman in the back were screaming and crying and the two guys in the front were dead.

I called 911 and by the time I made it out of the drive thru, the ambulances and everything were there already but they hadn't pulled the guys out yet. One had the top of his skull crushed in and broke his neck ( I figured anyway, since his head was to the side but looking backward. Phone Post 3.0

I've seen more horrible shit than I'd like to remember. Murders, a motorcyclist getting plowed by Mac truck, shit tons of horrific car accidents, dead bodies in fires, etc. But, for some reason, the one that sticks out the most is a guy who hung himself in the tree in his backyard on Father's Day a few years ago. It was dark, he was hanging, there were toys on the ground under him and his kids were next door.....on fucking Father's Day. Phone Post 3.0

I saw a bb for a quarter of an instant before it entered my eyeball and tore through my brain. It obv looked like a silver ball but it was slonning and the detail of the little grooves in it were amazing. Last thing my right I ever saw and it was a crazy detailed moment.

That and a car accident where a woman died and her infant child broke his neck. That was violent. The memories of dealing with the aftermath will never leave me. Phone Post 3.0

Slonning = spinning Phone Post 3.0

Two dudes threw on boxing gloves during a party, one dude hit the other and the dude dropped and died right in front of us...not from the hit I guess, but his heart stopped immediately, guy was in his early 20's, had heart problems and had a pacemaker...we were all hammered and didn't know what to do, shit haunted me for a while Phone Post 3.0

I was in Edmonton for a hockey tournament and one night after the bar we hit up Denny's and these two dirtbag looking fuckers start fistfight. Then one of them picks up a chair and tries to smash it on the others back but somehow ends up on the dudes back, and he just pulls back the others guys head and starts biting the fuck outa his forehead. Phone Post 3.0

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Worked a ghetto hotel in north Raleigh when I was 19-20, back in 99/00.  Saw some insane shit.  Watched a drug crew beat a guy to death in the parking lot with a baseball bat after the junkie tried to give them a $20 bill that was actually a $1 bill.  They beat him unconscious, then one of them stood over him and finished him off with axe-swings with the bat.

There was an attempted kidnapping/murder where I was involved in a fight, trying to save some random guy.  Two men appeared at my night window, the one at the glass was trying to rent a room.  His debit card was declining, he was sweating and asking me to "please please" run it again.  I saw the guy behind him with his hand in his jacket, fucking sweltering hot night, and hit my emergency 911 button.  I told the guy at the window I needed his PIN (LOL) and handed him a piece of paper and a pen.  He wrote "Dial 911" and handed it back.  So I pretended to call in on the card, told him that his bank's customer service needed to talk to him.  I tried to unlock and open the lobby door so he could get in, and we tried to slam the door closed when the other guy went to force his way in.  The robber/kidnapper pulled a gigantic fucking knife, swinging it at us with his arm trapped in the door.  We actually broke his arm slamming the door on it repeatedly, and when he backed off to run two cop cruisers came pulling up.  They tackled the guy, then came in the lobby.  It took a minute, but we realized the victim had actually taken a serious slash to his hip/thigh during the struggle, and he passed out when he saw all of his own blood.  It turned out to be a random thing, dude walking down the street got held up at gunpoint.  The guy was going to rob/murder him, and god knows what else, once inside that hotel room.

Also saw a guy beat his pregnant wife with a telephone outside the lobby, left her slumped against the door, bloody and blacked out.

That sounds like a job you weren't getting paid nearly enough for....

I only made $7.00 per hour back then, but I wrote a spreadsheet program that caught the GM stealing (the owner suspected and asked me to help) and one night I showed up for my 7pm-7am shift and the GM was gone.  At like 1 a.m. the owner rolled up in his Escalade, dropped $5k on me and told me he had the GM arrested.  I used the money to quit and move to another town a couple weeks later.

I remember you telling this story about busting the owner before and how you used to skim off the top Phone Post 3.0

Yeah he's the forum guy that's always got a big "story' no matter what the subject matter is.

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When my 8 year old brother fell off an elevated playground and split his head open on a log. Took over 100 stitches, from what my parents said. It was a 8 inch gash. The blood kept flowing like a faucet on high and i remember him cupping his hands together trying to hold it all and a teenager screaming at the sight. So glad the Mom watching us left us to go shopping. Phone Post 3.0

Saw a guy get shot in his arm outside foresters in wibsey.

Say a lad get stabbed outside visage in Huddersfield.

Saw a young lad die in bouncers arms after he was spiked by his friends as a 'joke'

And my friend once botched a wheelie on a motorbike, so he stepped off and his leg snapped forward! It was a disgusting sound. But I remember him being so calm afterward. Phone Post 3.0

I was wrong, shot In the chest!

http://m.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/897408.car_found_after_driveby_shooting/ Phone Post 3.0

Saw a guy who thought he could kill himself with an M80 duct taped to his neck. Didn't see it go off, but well, he had no throat from shoulder to shoulder had his jaw but no tounge. You could put your hand through his neck up through his mouth. He was gurgling and every time I put the trauma dressing on it he'd stop...
ya he died.

Saw 3 dudes jump my uncle when I was about 14. I helped him as much I could by jumping one of the guys. Once he got it to 1 on 1 he smashed the shit out of the main guys face with fists and then a rock. He was never arrested for it because apparently those guys were known pieces of shit. I felt like the man taking on some adult at 14 and handling him. Phone Post 3.0

A guy locked in his bathroom was stabbing himself in the neck with a box cutter as he sat on the floor. Forced the door with a cop and I got in first and watched him stab himself 3 or 4 more times before I took it away from him. I'll never forget the "shucking" sound and the massive pool of blood. Oh he struggled as we tried to help him but after about 30 seconds he stopped; living.