What the...

John McCarthy's Farewell Party

i thought that was a romoshop j/k

when and where is Baroni fighting next? thats all I want to know..

who is the clown with the badge?

LOL at Buffer drinking a seabreeze with those nails.

Big Johns retirement party.

It wasnt Buffer... 

John McCarthy's Farewell Party

Is that girl the "great ass" you were talking about? LOL I want to see the midgets!!!!

What kind of watch is that Pav?

chick is hot.

Monte is hot.

It is a Jacob.

"Great ass"???  To what do you reference? 

She is a good girl.... kind of.

Ken -- you look like you've been taking care of yourself.  Must be all the new interns have finally allowed you to take a break!

"The King and a Court Jester"

buffer in the background

Is Baroni fighting soon?

Why does Buffer have long painted fingernails?


I am not a big tie guy.  Tito made the transformation and now really polishes up for the events.  It was only like a year ago that he would come casual to all the events.  The guys from NC Group who have a great roster only seem to wear flip flops, including when cornering and I get flack for a jacket and RVCA?!?

Oh and no... putting in more hours then ever.

KenP is the Prater/Conditt fight happening? If so, I'll take Prater to go 2-0 and wear the belt!

I like the Pav, looks like he's lovin life good on ya man

Monte was a boxer, he would kickfuck the Court Jester.

OSM, what do you do for a living that you are so at the top of your game at.

On every thread you get on, all you do is run your mouth and try to put people down.

That trick is getting old.