What time will Mayweather fight...

What time do you think the actual Mayweather vs. Oscar fight will start? I'm trying to plan my night around it (watch the fight then go out).

I'd say roughly 8 Pacific/11 Eastern or maybe a touch after that. Total guess though.

Its officially scheduled for 11 pm est

I can't even log into directv to order the fight.

There must be a shit load of people trying to get it right now.

This fight is gonna break records. The ppv record is 1.99 million with Tyson/Holyfield.

Not if people can't order the damn fight. this is fucking ridiculous.

You cant order with your remote?

no. for some reason I can only order online or call a special #.

they will prob drag it out and start at mid

I hate directv. Still can't get in ot their website and their phone # is busy. screw it. I'm watching it on youtube later tonight.