What time will UFN be on in...

the midwest? It is going to be on at 10pm Eastern and Pacific, but what about central? I would think 9, but thinking is not my strong suit. I don't want to cut out of practice early just to watch an hour of man show reruns before the fights if they don't start til 10.


Why don't you check your TV guide you romo :-)

it'll be 9 best of 2005 is on until that so even if you leave earily there is still something on.


Check your local listings...It depends if you have cable or satellite.

Satellite is live at 10 pm et/7 pm pt.

Cable is delayed on the west coast till 10 pm pt.

Gavin, shut you mouth you talk about TV Guide!! I don't have the luxury of a TV guide you creep, I'm at work. On top of that, all my discretionary income goes toward booze, crappy blow and hookers.

Thanks for the info lpmc! Thanks for nothing Gavin!!

Crappy Blow..?

Hit a borhta up! lol


HAHAHA!! Brandon you know it brother!!

Actually, it already aired in the midwest at 9am.

Barrister, you must have gotten into my crappy blow stash. Save some for OSW. . .

Somebody say blow?

  • Stretches mouth out*

By the way, was warpath up at the event Thompson and Homme fought in this weekend? How did it go?

Lee, we didn't make it over there. We were here for a show in Oshkosh on Saturday. If you're talking about Nick Thompson on the MadTown Throwdown card, apparently he handily defeated his opponent.

And by the way, I learned it from watching you. . .crappy blow that is.

Lee, you know not to say blow around Chad--- now he'll be distracted for the rest of the day--

Chad's work day is now officially shot.

TTT for Chad, your a nice fella!

He would tv guide you into next week pidgeons!

"Lee, you know not to say blow around Chad--- now he'll be distracted for the rest of the day-- "

You'd be surprised how difficult it is to say blow with a mouth full of warpath.

Devon--how's you're foot healing? Hope to see you fight soon! I will be administering a TV Guiding to Gavin next time I see him. Nothing will stop me, except maybe for the fact that he's tougher than me. That could pose a problem. . .

Lee, there is nothing like a mouth full of Warpath, not even a nose full of crappy blow. Or a hooker.