What TMA means to me

Just a few thoughts

TMA has taught me discipline from an early age, anyone who started early remembers this and late starters experience this.
I let my TMA and discipline slide down my priority list but the initial momentum has carried me very far.

Now I am 1.5 years out from a ruptured quad and smack in the middle of a medical residency. With all this stress and loss of physical function I find myself returning to my TMA roots. My sah bum nim was a great influence on me and truly one of the paramount father figures in my life.
Because of the indelible impact made by my involvement in TMA I am the man I am today.
As I face tougher obstacles I find myself returning to my roots. My exercise includes basic TKD stuff to warm up and guage my bad leg. SO what if I never fought in the cage? I do not care to fight everyone I see, largely because I do not function from fear or ego. I know any altercation I am involved in can go in any ome of a million ways, all I can control is myself. This lesson applies to all things in life and has served me well.
TMA has taught me so much largely because of my instructor, Sun Mo Yi. My kids will do TMA, I will be their first instructor but not their only.
With the changes in the martial arts world it is the basic underlying tenet of discipline that creates the best. I find myself attempting to get back to discipline often, right now that means getting back to studying. Thanks for reading