What to do about sh*t coaches?

Okay, this is about wrestling currently but I think it applies to MMA as well. I help coach my son's wrestling team and the coaches are a bunch of clickish (is that a word?) girls. The team is and has been terrible for years and they treat me like shit. I have been in wrestling and MMA for 15 years and I like to think that those that know me would say that I have something to offer. But these coaches don't talk to me or engage me in any way. At practice I am the only coach that does the FULL workout with the kids and they really respond to me but not the coaches. I don't mind if they want to do things their way. I will back them. But they really seem to have a chip and now my boy is suffering for it. I think I am going to just work with him individually and stop coaching.

I am writing this after being snubbed this morning at a kids tournament and I am still pissed so maybe I need to be more rational but I would like some thoughts.

Shitty coaches out number good coaches by like thousands to one. This is why there are so few stand out competitors. Just move your kid to another program somewhere else.

He is in high school and is a stand out honor student with lots of friends. Wrestling is not a reason to move him. But I wish I could. I have been asked to coach at another school but that would not be right to my boy. I think I am going to start doing morning sessions with him.

Your son will survive. Personally I gave up coaching soccer because of coaches and parents. And I was damn good. (Perfect record once I joined) I got tired of being the only one giving 110%. When I see the kids I literally tell them "ask your parents and your school why I'm not coaching anymore." Team fell apart without me. But no is like "hey, we recognize what we did was wrong or we need you back." But the kids stop me in the morning and afternoon during pickup ALL THE TIME.

My son survived. He has other interests. Next year I may put him another league - where I can just watch. lol

Shitty coaches are shitty. Find a way to prove your way is better in no uncertain way.