What to do in Boston

Going to be there in September for a concert.

What are some suggestions for things to do while there?


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If you like walking (and for exercise after eating shitty vacation food) you can walk the Freedom Trail, Go to North End for history and it’s close to the waterfront, lots to see and eat.

For strictly food, go to North End (Boston’s Little Italy) and try the canoli at Modern Pastry, also, not in Boston, but a suburb of Boston, but well worth going, really good burgers at RF O’Sullivan’s. It’s a dive/bar hole in the wall, but pretty damn good burgers. And right down the street from that is hands down the best pecan pie I’ve ever had in my life at Petsi Pies. Both in Sommerville, Mass.

That’s all I got off the top of my head from my visit.

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I know it says Maine but there is a lot of info about Boston

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The Combat Zone used to be fun but it’s pretty much gone now.


search here, lots of threads -

best pizza IMO the original Regina’s on thatcher. usually a line, so get it to go if you can.

best lobsta roll (i only get the one with hot butter, not cold mayo) and prob all round sea food joint is neptunes oyster - no reservations taken, and a wicked long ass line/wait. go see revolutionary war shit, like paul revere’s house or whatever is relatively close and wait for their page. around a hour wait is typical.

iron chef ming has a chinese resturant - i forgot the name.

faniel hall has a ton of stalls, a long ng time ago, i had the best chowda ever at a random stall.

bbq sucks at the places that are rated best in boston

Mamaleh’s is a great jew food deli in cambridge

minus well go to havard sq to check out havard and drive by MIT, just because.

theres top rate food around fenway that i think sucks.

you can go aboard the uss constitution and some modern war ship next to it.

there may be talk ships.

a trip to marthas vineyard if you have time

boyleston st bars and newbury st

boston commons, just because

public gardens

row boat on the charles and race havard fags

i eat at a couple of places on the water front - ok, nothing i’d rave about

mario battallia’s place sux

del monico is no better than ruths chris’ i never found an outstanding steak joint


Meatplow. The combat zone has been gone for over 20 years. Like zero trace


Oh, and try Regina Pizza (also in North End).

Fanueil Hall, there is a huge food court/flea market type place. Check that out. The North End is like little Italy, lots of excellent Italian Restaurants. Pizzeria Regina is prob some of the best pizza in the US. All of them are in close proximity. Within a mile. Harvard square can be fun. Lots of liberal freaks walking around. Border Cafe Mexican food is a fun place to hang out and people watch. Boston has in my opinion the best seafood in the country. Clam chowder, Lobster, haddock, cod. Grill 23, Morton’s, Abe & Louie’s,Mooo steakhouses are all great. The Constitution ship is also close to the North End. Interesting and historical.


Go to Fenway dude. It’s the absolute most awesome baseball park in history imo.

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Yeah, I haven’t been back home in a while. Last I was there it was reduced to about 1/2 a block.

Say hi to my siblings

Go visit hotel where mrs mbn an i got married

And other touristy things!



Fuck yeah man! I can’t wait to go. I’ve been the Metrodome. Mile high when the Rockies played there, Coors, Busch, and new Busch.

So I’m reading 40 minute ferry ride from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard.

What to do in Martha’s Vineyard?

Its 40 min ferry from Cape Cod to MV, which is over an hour from Boston. Bit of a stretch for a day trip.

You gonna be in downtown Boston, or coming in for a concert at Gillette? Really depends on what you want/like to do. US history is obviously huge here. Freedom trail, Tea Party Museum, etc makes for a great full day. Salem is about 40 mins north if you’re interested in the witch stuff. Plimoth Plantation is about 40 mins south and great if you’ve got kids.

Much of city has been gentrified but its also a tiny city so hole in the wall gems are never far away.

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I never went to Salem because everything I read beforehand seemed like canned tours etc

Holy shit this is real breezah or different person

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