What to do in Portland?

Next march, the 21st to be exact, me and two of my dear friends will embark on a journy. We will travel half way around the globe from Iceland to Portland, Oregon, to attend SBGi's Spring Camp 2005. Our rowing boat is small, but sturdy.

We will stay there for a total of 10 days. During this time, we want to try to train in as many good places as we can. No time for sleeping, only training and partying. Of course, Matt Thornton's gym is there. I heard that Team Quest has a gym nearby, but I'm not sure if we would be allowed to train there, let alone have one sparring session with someone like Randy Couture.

So, does anyone know of any good places to see and/or train in? Or anything in that area worth seeing or doing?



Matt said that the beer is about AS cheap as in Estonia. So it should be about 3-4 TIMES cheaper than in Iceland. So I guess your free-time-problem is solved.

Hung Far Low and Magic Gardens. That's all you ever need to see in PDX.


LoL. . . .Jon, no worries bro. . .we will show you guys an enjoyable time here. Everyone is very nice, and there is much to See.


Well, I just payed for my plane ticket. No turning back now (gulp).

So who else is coming (besides the instructors that are mentioned on http://www.straightblastgym.com/camps.htm)?

Check in, guys!

I will be there.

As far as stuff to do in Portland....

Tokyo Tea at Hung Far Low - you must drink at least 3 or Matt gets irritated LOL

Puking outside HFL after said Tokyo Tea

Pondering the philosophical implications of various Adam Singer pontifications

Hiding inside your hotel room while John Kavanaugh roams the hallways looking for sparring partners late at night

Trying to explain to the hotel clerk that the crashes and destroyed furniture DID NOT happen in your room

Deperately doing whatever you can to get the remnants of rockabilly music out of your head after training

and seriously, no trip to Portland is complete without a visit to Powells Books (a mecca for a book junkie like me)

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers are my new favorite band. Anything else you can turn me on to from AZ will be greatly appreciated.

See you in March,

John Frankl

Hey John,

I will try to get a new CD of the Pistoleros. They are only a notch behind the Peacemakers.

I'm a little irritated because the next time Roger Clyne is performing in town is during the weekend of the camp! On New Years Eve down in Rocky Point (a beachside town in Mexico) they played for 4 hours!

I will see what else I can dig up from around here.

Cecil, if you can only have 1 tokyo tea, that's ok. . . . .no worries. But puking outside HFL? Dude, very UN-cool : ( We try and keep our city sparkling clean.

Also, good news. . .John Kavanagh will be back for Spring Camp as well. So I will be sure to point you out to him ; )

Only 2 months...


If there is anyone who can keep down more than three of those green things the first time they try them, I will shake their hand :) Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing you frink any. Hmmmmmm. LOL

Actually, I am impressed that Portland is a really clean city. Even outside the Magic Gardens (relatively speaking that is).

As far as Kavanaugh; that's okay, I will just be sleeping in workout wear - sneak attacks are fine as long as I'm not in my briefs!

"Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing you drink any. Hmmmmmm. LOL"

You might be on to something there Cecil ; )