What to do in this situation?

In a situation where a guy keeps backing up. I'm talking about in a street fighting situation rather than a mma fight.

walk away. If he is backing up he doesnt want to fight.

Not possible, I'll only get attacked from behind.

Stand still. 

Eventually he'll back up enough that the power of your Chi won't kill him, thus saving you hundred's of thousands of dollars in lawsuits.



Step on his foot, the one close to you... his balance/base is moving backward... by stepping on the foot you create a fulcrum/leverage point and he will likely fall, he WILL fall if you follow up with a push or a strike...

Shoot a dub.

I'm with glock4life.

Angle so as to back him into a wall, car, sidewalk so he trips etc.

Happened to me once in a street fight (my only one) where I was attacked by a guy with a stick, closed the distance so I took the blow easy, did some weird disarm that caused the stick to fall to the ground. We ended up facing off with the stick behind him so I pressured him and he backed up then I picked the stick up and hit him with it.

Good plan huh? Well, I was wearing a pair of borrowed cowboy boots (don't ask) and slipped on my arse as I hit him.

Dude, cowboy boots? Did they belong to Chuck Norris?  j/k!

run away backwards.

lol @ flopping to guard

"Dude, cowboy boots? Did they belong to Chuck Norris? j/k! "

First, and last, time wearing them. Slippery as fuck they were.

Learned a real important lesson about shoes though, and have always bought shoes with good grips since (even made sure my wedding shoes had good grips - ya never know!).

If this was me, I would just stand still and let him back up. If you go after him you are now the aggressor in the eyes of the law. I would just wait him out keeping my eyes on him, eventually he will either attack you or he will walk away. Either way you can not get charged for battery.


Face towards the street so that he walks backwards into traffic.

"Could he have sued you for that. Or if he started it he can't sue because he was responsible for what followed? "

Not in Ireland he couldn't. In the USA, who knows? (Laywer culture - we haven't caught up yet). In both countries, as long as I use reasonable force I'm OK. Picking up a stick and hitting the guy is OK as long as I don't try to kill him and don't repeatedly hit him when he's down.

Cops came and stopped it (it was a 2 on 2), and basically told us to go our separate ways.

LOL@Nowhere's truth.

Australia is second behind America in law-suits though so it's a concern.

Had you already kicked his ass? Is he backing up and threatening you? That sounds funny.

Just back up yourself, until you get enough distance you could turn around even if he bullrushed you.