What to do night beffore a fight

Your routine should be established in the weeks leading up to the fight. Changing something dramatically [because of modeling another's routine] can heighten stress or anxiety pre-competition...a lot depends on the fight [boxing, MMA, point] and a lot depends on your conditioning prior to weign-in or start time.

No simple answer. If you've follwed some of the threads in here and the ARCHIVES regarding S & C then you'll understand that our collective philosphy in the MENTAL EDGE is one of specificity that addresses the specific fighter in the specific event.


Like how to eat how to sleep what to eat in the mourning when to warm up so on.

OK then here is some more Info its judo turny and I am well conditioned to go full blast the whoel bout.

Again, no simple answer, that its judo and youre in great condition doesnt affect my ability to tell you how to sleep/rest and anyone who does tell you over the internet without knowing you knows little...

If youre in shape, no weight problem, then sleep your normal sleep and load on carbs.


k man thx for the tip