What to do with this annoyance?

I receive an email to my gym's email with this pic


They didn't hide the recipient list so there are hundreds of gym owners on there.  People in this industry are stupid.  You'll never see it from 24 hour fitness or Gracie Barra...  But its a frequent occurence in our industry with mom/pop providers.  


  1. How do you not know how to hide the recipient list?
  2. It's sad that 90% of the gym owners on this list use Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail for their business's account.
  3. What are we supposed to do when we see an email with this picture?  Are we supposed to rush out and purchase this Acai?  Call our friends and family and demand that they purchase this acai?  There is nothing in this email other than an attached PDF of this pic.  
So should I start contacting all the other gym owners and try to pitch them products?  

yes but only send them a picture of the product

lol we got it too

bgup619 - lol we got it too

THere's a number at the bottom we should all call lol

Pic not showing up for anyone else? Phone Post 3.0