What to eat?Help!

I have been very upset by my wrestling performances so far both in practice and matches. I feel like I have no energy which is probly due to the fact I have cut weight on the day of all my matches which I must stop doing but I always also feel drained like my body has nothing to run on in practice and matches.

To get myself down to 171 I cut down my diet but I have noticed I havent really been eating. It makes me feel so weak everyday in practice when I know how strong I really am. I know I am a better wrestler than I have showed. Basically what I am asking for is insight from good expierienced wrestlers. What do wrestlers eat during the season for energy?

This is my first and last year to wrestle as I seperated my shoulder last year. I grappled alot over the years which helps but grappling and wrestling are very different imo.

Are you drinkin adequate amounts of H2O? I know you cant drink alot on the day of a match, because you have to cut, but any other time, you should stay well hydrated. What is your natural body weight? I know many wrestlers that cut large amounts of weight, but when crunch time comes (around January-February), they can no longer make weight. You just have to learn how your body works, and get your weight down to a science. Plan out your meals, and how much you plan to cut at practice, and how much weight you can float off when you sleep. When you eat, dont fill up on meat and starches, fill up on fruits and vegetables. Just some general advice.