What to eat the day of Competiion

What do you guys eat the day of competition. I have a bjj tournament tomorrow, and was wondering what to eat in order to feel good during competition.


Weed brownies.

-Nick Diaz

i was thinking about this same question today, but day of MMA fights.
I usually have a hard time eating day of, I guess do to nerves. And i on occassion have blood sugar issues, so I have to eat.

ttt for some great advice.

fried eggs and potatoes....worked for Fedor against CC

frosted mini wheats.

ice cream cake.

i try to eat alot of fruit, potatoes, oatmeal, egg whites, etc. although the meal on the day of the competition is important, it wont help much if youve been eating like crap all the way thru your training and just change it for game day.

you are also supposed to avoid high fat stuff and dairy products which easily upset your stomach.

Thanks for the info, keep it coming.



a monster burger from Hardees


water - dont forget to hydrate

also - avoid trying new foods on days of competition or foods that you are not used too.

Smart Ass :)

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i eat sushi or sashimi

Grilled chicken and steamed vegetables.
I might point out that that i have never had one of these "game days" but this meal always gives me tons of energy and sits well in my stomach.

make sure you chugg a whole litre of coke 5 minutes before your first match.

you'll be able to burp your way out of any subs easy.!

steak & chicken.

You should eat the same diet you do every other day. Don't not eat or try anything new. Bring bananas and gadorade with you to the event as well..

your opponent