what to eat

I am weighting 215 lbs and i want to keep my weight but loose some fat (in other words change my fat into muscles).

I was wondering what i should be eating before and after training?

Should i eat the same thing depending on the training (martial arts training or muscular training)


New diet thing called eat less 'bad food' and lift AND do some cardio.

Eat smaller portions but 4-5x a day and often so every 3hrs to 4hrs MAX gap. Drink loads of water, easy on the fruit drinks and beer.

Before something small so that YOU finish eating 1hr or so before train. I prefer 90mins before I train myself. 2hrs before Gymnastics (tumbling is a mofo on food!).

After eat a full blown meal.

Fruit & veg = go to town on them.

Cook food and don't buy microwave stuff. I've been lean all my life. Why? I eat less microwave stuff, chocolate, deserts then the avg guy. I also eat lots of fruit and veg. Rice I eat 6-7x a week normally.

That with exercise and some cardio will cut you up nicely.

It takes time but I'd rather see more permanent changes to yo yo about for a while.....

Good luck.


Fat doesn't turn into muscle. It is impossible.

Just take iso whey protein with water and a bit of dextrose after working out hard...

stay away from fatty meals after a workout.