What to expect from 1st BJJ class

I'm either starting BJJ at 1 of 2 schools in Southern Connecticut .....CT School of MMA or BestWay BJJ .... What are the things I can expect at my first classes ? Total novice to all mixed martial arts ......not in great shape either ...I lift weights and i'm at least 15 lbs overweight,cardio not good at all. Prior surgeries on right shoulder 2 times,left knee scope 2 times and right knee scoped last march with some small swelling and pain still.

A bunch of guys sweating, eager to distort some fresh meat.

Nah, don't worry. You'll be fine. Expect 2 or 3 techniques to be covered, then resistence added and then a roll at the end for about 20 minutes to half an hour, by the end of which you'll be gasping for air.

Don't try use too much of your energy when rolling, otherwise you'll be recked.

Expect to lose some skin from the tops of your feet, maybe your knees and elbows and expect to get tired. Other than that if it is a good school w/good people expect to have fun and make some good friends.

Just try to fake a brazilian accent, you'll be fine. Don't listen to what the instructor say, he's going to try to squeeze you between his legs, pretending it's the "guard". He's really trying in fact to rub against you.

BJJ is a nationwide gay association.


I would make sure you know how to Tap.

Don't try to show everyone how tough and strong you are. You'll just get hurt worse:)

"he's going to try to squeeze you between his legs, pretending it's the "guard"."

lol, so true so true :)

Mention to people you roll with about your injuries and tell them flat out
you have no problem with tapping...but may not know when to...and are
more than willing to take suggestions.

Be very careful with any standup drills with your knees.

You'll be dead dired after the class.

Japetto will get you in trouble.

I suggest you don't say anything for the first year to year and a half unless you have to Tap verbally.

Be sure to have the instructor check your oil first so he will know what level you are at.

Don't be affraid to show and tell what you've learned from TUF and PPV events.

But seriously... Offer to clean the mats after rolling. Don't wait for someone to tell you.


Where do you live? What school are you going to? How old are you? Etc.



In case you don't know, stacks is like the smartest guy ever on the internets anywhere. So you can pretty much bank on anything he says. Solid advice IMO.


I should also warn you that it may take a day or two before you really start to enjoy it and become addicted. After that, you can expect to start selling things; like your kid's shoes and wife's jewelry, in order to buy rash guards and SPRAWL shorts. You'll begin to lie to your family and friends about; why you've been out so late and where you've been all night. You'll begin to slack at work and eventually loose your job because all you can think about is BJJ. You'll submit your wife in your sleep and wake up in the triangle position a lot. You will probably start putting TapOut stickers all over everything you own and eventually you'll come on the UG and start ripping noobs.

ttt for pdm62068

dont get into a sparring match with another BJJ newbie where two people who know zero technique are going balls to the wall. that is how you get hurt.

you are better going with nice people who are better than you as long as you tell them its your first class.

and get ready to tap a lot. a lot. its how you learn.

First of all expect to pay at least $150.00 a month for unlimited classes, even more if your instructor really speaks portugese.